Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent HTUV100

Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent HTUV100

Use:Agent HTUV100 is suitable for finishing cotton, silk, line, and viscose fiber fabrics, etc. It can strengthen the shielded ability of sports wear, beach wear, swimming wear, leisure wear( T-shirt, cap, and etc), career wear, and tent, sun-umbrella and so on. Funda- mental character: Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent HTUV100 are contained of ultraviolet rays absorbent, its mostly component is benzotriazole compound.
Composition: triazine derivative 
Appearance: light yellow liquid 
Ionicity: non-ion
PH-value :nearly 7 
Solubility :soluble in water 
Stability :stable with PH-value range of 5-10 in hard water. 
Compatibility :compatible with non-ion or negative ion 
Dilution:  completely stiring before using, and dilute with warm water. 
Safety :non-toxic, non-irritant to skin, no oral taking. 
Features and advantages: 
High molecule Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent
Reaction agent and resist to washing
No influence on color shade , resilience and permeability influence
Wide application range
Small dosage can get excellent effect
Excellent in anti-UV, especially absorb , transform, reflex the ultraviolet rays between 180 -400nm
Resistant to washing, lighting and ironing.
Less influence on fluorescent and no on colorshade.
The treated fabric process excellent UPF

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