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Trade amount of 1st Quarter

  • Germany $ 7850000
  • France $ 7330000
  • United state $ 6980000
  • Mexico $ 6550000
  • Malaysia $ 5890000
  • United kingdom $ 5530000

New Product

PKC Protein Kinase C
Product Name: PKC Protein Kinase C Specification: …


PKC deta Protein Kinase C zeta
Product Name: PKC deta Protein Kinase C zeta Speci…


P-Glycoprotein 1
Product Name: P-Glycoprotein 1 Specification: 96T …


PH-4 hypoxia-inducible factor proly 4-hydroxylase;proline4-hydroxylase
Product Name: PH-4 hypoxia-inducible factor proly 4…


About us

Green Stone Swiss is a high-tech enterprise of pharmaceuticals and health ingredients, and provide customized products/OEM/ODM.
We signed technical cooperation agreements with 7 Universities of Europe, USA and China, equipped with a set of advanced production and testing equipment to ensure product quality.
Our manufactures Factory has first-class production equipment and strict quality management system, which covers an area of 6000 square meters...