White jade Snail agglutinin A

White jade Snail agglutinin A

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Product introduction:
Snail agglutinin 01/ HAA (1g/5g/10g/50g/100g/500g)
Molecular Weight: Total weight 79kD 
light yellow crystalline powder or crystals. From the Gland protein of snail, the agglutinin was extracted, which has certain value in hematology study. Terrestrial snails are mollusks in China Snail. It varies in the isolation and purification and the physical and chemical properties of their mucus, lymph gland and the agglutinin in protein. The agglutinin of albumen gland is a kind of cold agglutinin. It is more special, and its blood clotting activity depends strongly on temperature. the optimum temperature for agglutinin in Albumen gland is l3 ℃. The blood clotting activity exits between 4 and 27℃, and it disappears when the temperature up to 30℃.
Usages: biochemistry study. Snail agglutinin can agglutinate blood cells, thereby contributing to hematology research. It can also be used in cytology, hematology research, and bio-technology 
research Save: 2 ~ 8 ℃

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