Packing: 1g/ 10g/ 50g/ 500g/ 1kg
Molecular weight: 218KDa
Cytoderm-dissolve rate:
In the PH5.8~7.2 isotonic sorbierite solution,1 grm cell preserves moisture in the water with 37℃ through 30~40mg snailase,then the cytoderm will be dissolved. The cytoderm-dissolve rate keeps up to 80~90%.
Solution Activity of leaven cytoderm:
Within 2 hours, every snailase can effectively degradate 1.28×106 enzymes in water with 30℃.
The effect of different enzymes to 6.2×108 yeast cell:
Within 1 hour, the enzyme is the most effective. 800μg snailase will digest more leavens.
Durative of enzyme activity:
The analysis shows that within 1 hour in the 30℃ condition, enzyme activity has the continuous activity.
Tawny crystal powder or crystal. It is composed of 1912 amino acid.
Widely used in cytology, genetics research.

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