Snail eggs

Snail eggs

Product description:
The Snail eggs are very rich in nutrients. It is a high-protein product, and rich in protein, a variety of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins A, etc. Not only does it have medicinal health-care value, the body's immune system can be enhanced, it can also have a better therapeutic effect on the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, the blood circulation system and other systems. It also has the effect of beauty. On October 24, 2004, Cosmetics Session authorities - Julia Vera, the general manager of Global Trade in Mexico, "El Universal," pointed out: "Snail mucus and snail eggs contain natural allantoin, calcium, glycolic acid, collagen, protein and vitamins and others, which are the best production of cosmetic raw materials. It can not only protect the health of skin, but also give you beautiful skin and eternal youth.

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