ZBTB33: Human kaiso
PDB Code: 3FKC
ZBTB33 (Kaiso) is a member of the BTB/POZ (Broad complex, Tramtrak, Bric a brac/ Pox virus, and Zinc finger) family of transcription factors. This protein contains an amino-terminal BTB/POZ protein-protein interaction domain and three carboxy-terminal zinc fingers of the C2H2 type which bind methylCpG DNA. Transcriptional repression from methylation-dependent sites requires recruitment of HDAC3–NCoR corepressors which are recruited to methylCpG by ZBTB33.
Loss of ZBTB33 resulted in gastrulation defects in lower vertebrates but has no developmental phenotype in mice. However, loss of ZBTB33 results in an attenuation of the intestinal neoplasia phenotype on the APC mutant (APCmin) mice background. ZBTB33 has been reported to be overexpressed in murine intestinal cancer and elevated expression levels have also been reported in human colon cancer tissue samples. A recent report revealed that ZBTB33 binds to methylated tumor suppressor and DNA repair genes in colon cancer cells identifying ZBTB33 as a methylation-dependent oncogene.

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