YWHAG: Human protein 14-3-3 gamma isoform
PDB Code: 2B05
Protein phosphorylation by kinases is a major process of instigating and transmitting cellular signals. One potential consequence of the addition of the phosphate group to the target protein is that it forms a ?handle? for other protein such as the 14-3-3 protein to grab. We have determined the structure of the gamma isoform of 14-3-3 bound to a phosphorylated peptide taken from the apoptosis sign-regulating kinase 1.
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is diagnosed on the basis of clinical findings and the presence of 14-3-3gamma in the patient’s CSF。 Specifically, the presence of 14-3-3gamma in the CSF is a marker for sporadic CJD. When arterials are damaged 14-3-3gamma was shown to be up-regulated. In human lung cancer. the levels of 14-3-3gamma plus 3 other isoforms are greatly increased as compared to the equivalent normal tissues. In one cell line (HEK293) under standard conditions, a total of 170 binding partners were identified that clustered into proteins involved in regulation of the cytoskeleton, membrane signalling and cell fate. These results suggest that 14-3-3gamma plays a significant role in normal cell function as well as the coordinated response of a cell to damage.

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