RHPN2 (PDZ domain)

RHPN2 (PDZ domain)

RHPN2 (PDZ domain): Human rhophilin-like protein (PDZ domain)
PDB Code: 2VSV
Rhophilin 2 is a ubiquitously expressed Rho GTPase binding protein related to rhophilin1. Both protein share a similar structure with an N-terminal single Rho-binding motif a central Bro domain and a C-terminal PDZ domain. The greatest amino acid difference between Rhophilin-1 and Rhophilin-2 is observed between the PDZ domains, which show only limited homology.
Rhophillin 2 has been isolated by differential screening of a chronically thyrotropin (TSH)-stimulated dog thyroid cDNA library and in thyroid cell culture, expression of rhophilin 2 mRNA and protein is enhanced following TSH stimulation. However a role of rhophilin 2 in thyroid cell physiology could not be confirmed in vivo as rhophilin 2 knockout mice develop normally, are fertile, and have no histological, clinical, or biological signs of thyroid dysfunction.
It has been proposed that rhophilin 2 may act as a scaffold protein that limits stress fiber formation or regulates the turnover of F-actin .

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