PTPN4 (PDZ domain)

PTPN4 (PDZ domain)

PTPN4 (PDZ domain): PDZ domain of human protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 4
PDB Code: 2VPH
PTPN4 belongs together with PTPN3 (PTPH1) to the NT5 (non-transmembrane PTP) subfamily of PTPs. PTPN4 contains an N-terminal noncatalytic FERM domain (Band 4.1/ezrin/radixin/moesin homology) followed by a PDZ domain and a C-terminal catalytic domain. The precise function of PTPN4 is not yet known but it has been suggested that this phosphatase plays a role in regulation of the membrane cytoskeleton and signaling downstream of glutamate receptors (GluR). In addition, a role in spermatogenesis and inhibiting cell proliferation has been proposed.
PTPN4 is mainly expressed in the brain with particular high expression levels in the thalamus and cerebellar Purkinje cell layer, moderate expression in olfactory bulb, cerebral cortex, and hippocampus and weak expression in all other brain areas. Furthermore high expression levels have been reported for platelets, the skeletal muscle as well as for testis. In addition the PTPN4 PDZ domain has been shown to interact with the C-terminal PDZ target sequence of the receptors GluRδ2 and a similar interaction has been suggested for GluRε 1. The tyrosine kinases Src and Fyn have been shown to be dephosphorylated by PTPN4. To understand the molecular mechanisms of substrate recruitment we present here the structure of the PDZ domain of PTPN4.

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