PRKCG (C2 domain)

PRKCG (C2 domain)

PRKCG (C2 domain): Human protein kinase C gamma, C2 domain
PDB Code: 2UZP
PRKCG is a member of the protein kinase C (PKC) gene family of conventional PKCs (cPKCs) which includes PKC alpha, betaI, betaII and gamma.
PRKCG has been shown to be important in Purkinje cell function and the protein plays an important role for several neuronal functions, including long term potentiation (LTP) and long term depression (LTD). A number of mutations in the PRKCG gene have been identified that lead to the neurodegenerative disease spinocerebellar ataxia 14 (SCA14). Symptoms include gait disorder, cerebellar dysarthria, slowed saccades, ocular dysmetria, hyperreflexia, focal task-induced dystonia, severe cerebellar atrophy, sphagia, nystagmus, facial myokymia, and decreased vibration sense at ankles.
Mutations identified in the regulatory domain of PRKCG seem to be associated with a relatively pure form of SCA14 beginning in the third or fourth decade of life, whereas mutations in the PRKCG catalytic domain are associated with a broader age at onset, PRKCG deficient mice have modified long term potentiation (LTP) in the hippocampus and exhibit mild deficits in spatial and contextual learning exhibit impaired motor coordination. PRKCG may also be involved in the development of neural tube defects and in the formation of tissue injury in stroke. PRKC family members are known to bind phorbol esters, a class of potent tumor promoting agents. Here we present the structure of the C2 domain of PRKCG.

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