MAT2A: Human Methionine adenosyl transferase II, alpha
PDB Code: 2P02
S-adenosyl methionine, the principle methyl donor for transmethylation reactions, is synthesized by methionine adenosyl transferases (MATs) from methionine and ATP. In humans, there are two major methionine adenosyl transferases: MAT I/ III which is liver specific and MAT II which is ubiquitously expressed. MAT I/ III is a homo-oligomer composed of catalytic α1 subunits but the MAT II isozyme is a hetero-oligomer consisting of two catalytic α2 subunits and a regulatory β subunit. The catalytic subunits are essential enzymes that are highly conserved evolutionarily; the β subunit is present only in mammals and by associating α2 with alters its kinetic properties.
MAT 2A is induced in the liver during liver regeneration and is up-regulated in human hepatocellular carcinoma.

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