MAGEA4: Human melanoma antigen family A, 4
PDB Code: 2WA0
Members of the MAGE (melanoma antigen-encoding gene) family are expressed in a wide variety of tumours but not in normal cells, with the exception of the male germ cells, placenta, and, possibly, cells of the developing embryo. The cellular function of this family is unknown. The first mammalian members of the MAGE (melanoma-associated antigen) gene family were originally described as completely silent in normal adult tissues, however, some members of the family were recently found to be expressed in certain tissues, indicating that the family is larger and more disparate than initially expected. The restricted expression pattern to tumors suggests MAGE proteins as possible antigens for tumor vaccination. In humans, at least 6 subfamilies can be identified with around 40 genes. MAGE-like genes have also been identified in non-mammalian species, like the zebrafish or Drosophila melanogaster. The only region of homology shared by all of the members of the family is a stretch of about 200 amino acids which has been named the MAGE conserved domain.

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