LNX2 (2nd PDZ domain)

LNX2 (2nd PDZ domain)

LNX2 (2nd PDZ domain): Human PDZ domain containing ring finger 1 (2nd PDZ domain)
PDB Code: 2VWR
LNX2 (Ligand of numb protein X 2) is a protein of 690  amino acids, containing 4 PDZ domains. The precise biological function of LNX2 is not known yet; it has been suggested to play a role in regulating Numb/Notch-1 interaction during neuronal differentiation or formation of neuronal cell shape and synaptic connections in the post-natal brain.
We crystallised the second PDZ domain of LNX2 using the C-terminal extension of Numb protein. This allowed the C-terminus of one LNX2 PDZ domain to bind to the binding site of another, contributing important protein-protein interactions for crystal formation. Our structural analysis shows that the domain is capable of binding to a mode 2 PDZ binding motif, in this case -Glu-Ile-Glu-Leu-COO-.

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