KCNAB2: Human potassium channel Kv beta-subunit
PDB Code: 1ZSX
Voltage-dependent potassium channels of the Shaker or Kv1 family are critical components in the mammalian nervous system by regulating the resting membrane potential, frequency of action potential firing and neurotransmitter release. Mammalian Kv1 channels are composed of four voltage-sensing, ion pore forming transmembrane Kv1 α-subunits, and four cytoplasmic β-subunits. The diversity in Kv channel diversity arises through the combinatorial assembly of 18 α and 4 β subunit genes found in mammalian genomes.
The β-subunits are structurally related to the AKR superfamily and like these oxidoreductases adopt an (α/β)8 (TIM barrel) fold. Despite NADP(H) binding and presence of all catalytic residues found in other AKR enzymes, thus far no physiological substrate for the β-subunits has been detected.

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