GRIP1: Human glutamate receptor interacting protein 1 (2nd PDZ domain)
PDB Code: 2JIL
GRIP1 (Glutamate receptor interacting protein 1) is a large protein containing seven PDZ domains. GRIP1 interacts with GluR2-4 through its 4th and 5th PDZ domains. GRIP1 is involved in assembling multiprotein signalling complexes downstream of the transmembrane ephrinB proteins. In neurons, GRIP1 interacts with kinesin heavy chains, steering them to dendrites as a motor for AMPA receptors . A direct functional link between GRIP1 and the Fraser syndrome protein Fras1Has been published.
We crystallised the second PDZ domain of GRIP1 using a C-terminal extension of a common PDZ binding motif. This allowed the C-terminus of one GRIP1 PDZ domain to bind to the binding site of another, contributing important protein-protein interactions for crystal formation. Our structural analysis shows that the domain is capable of binding to a mode 1 PDZ binding motif, in this case -Glu-Thr-Ala-Val-COO-.

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