CENTG1: Human centaurin gamma 1
PDB Code: 2IWR
The family of small GTPases play major roles in many cellular processes including cytoskeleton regulation, membrane trafficking, signal transduction and nuclear import. They perform these functions by existing in two forms an active (GTP bound) state and an inactive (GDP bound) state. The reversible cycling between these two states is important in the signalling process and is modified by a number of regulatory proteins including guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) and GTPase activating proteins (GAPs). Centaurin gamma 1 (CENTG1) is a multi-domain protein that based on sequence alignments contains both a GTPase domain and a GAP domain. Here we have determined the structure of the GTPase domain of CENTG1. The overall fold resembles that of known GTPase structures. However, in striking contrast to all other structures of small GTPases no nucleotide was present in the potential nucleotide binding site. As it remains unclear to the ability of this domain to hydrolyse GTP it has been labelled a GTPase-like domain.

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