carmustine(BiCNU) for injection

BiCNU® (carmustine for injection) is one of the nitrosoureas acclimated in the analysis of assertive neoplastic diseases. It is 1,3-bis (2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea. It is antiseptic lyophilized anemic chicken flakes or caked accumulation with a atomic weight of 214.06. It is awful acrid in booze and lipids, and ailing acrid in water. BiCNU (carmustine) is administered by intravenous beverage afterwards reconstitution as recommended.
BiCNU (carmustine) is accessible in 100 mg individual dosage vials of lyophilized material. Antiseptic diluent for architecture of BiCNU (carmustine) is co-packaged with the alive biologic artefact for use in architecture of the lyophile. The diluent is supplied in an ampule absolute 3 mL of Dehydrated Booze Injection, USP.

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