Use of L-Alanine ethlester hydrochloride

L-Alanine ethlester hydrochloride is a achromatic or white apparent powder, odorless. Sweet, amoroso acidity is about 70%. Acrid in water, hardly acrid in ethanol, baffling in ether. The optical rotation. Racemic blazon ( dl- ) amino acerbic Melting_point295℃( atomization ), 200℃sublimation. L - ( l- ) -2- amino acerbic Melting_point297℃( atomization ); D (d- ) Melting_point295℃( atomization ). L ( l- ) hydrogen chloride as the bright crystals, Melting_point204 ℃( atomization ); l ( l- ) of the N- acetyl compounds crystals Melting_point116 ℃; N- phenyl admixture clear Melting_point152-154 ℃. Is an important raw actual for the amalgam of VB6, comestible abettor " accomplished up to one of the apparatus of amino acerbic diet infusion, L- alanine as the capital basic of the " amino acerbic bang - 800 " break of liver, encephalopathy and advance hepatic blackout patients bound regained consciousness, but aswell a diuretic. Can advance the comestible amount of food, in all kinds of aliment and beverage, such as: bread, ice cream, tea, milk, carbonated bendable drinks, ice chrism and other. Join the 0.1~1% alanine can decidedly advance the aliment and cooler of the appliance amount of protein, and as a aftereffect of alanine with features, can be anon captivated by the cells, afterwards bubbler can bound restore fatigue, animate spirit.
L-Alanine ethlester hydrochloride is the axiological assemblage of protein, is one of 21 kinds of amino acerbic agreement of animal proteins. The amino acerbic agreement of protein molecules are L- amino acid. Because they are in the aforementioned pH, the answerable accompaniment of assorted amino acids is different, with altered isoelectric point ( PI ), which is the assumption of electrophoresis and chromatography in the break of amino acids. Can advance the bogus constructed sweeteners aftertaste the sweetness, efficiency, abate dosage. In the admixture aspartame added 1~10% alanine, can advance the sweetness, candied and bendable as a accustomed sweetener, and can advance the afterwards taste. Alanine or table into top acidity alitame ( Alitame, L- aspartyl -D- propylene amide, is 600 times sweeter than sucrose ) one of the raw materials. This artefact is fabricated of constructed vitamin B6, pantothenic acerbic and added amoebic admixture materials. Added to aliment can enhance actinic seasonings condiment effects, advance the aspartame to aftertaste and amoebic acid, advance the superior of booze drink, anticipate oil blaze and advance the assimilation of aliment flavor. Can aswell be acclimated as a biochemical reagent, acclimated in biochemical and microbial research.

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