The use of casein

Casein is a mammal, including cows, sheep and beastly milk in the capital protein. The milk protein casein ( Casein ), mainly consisting mainly of milk, mainly to albumin. Casein is a large, hard, dense, actual difficult to abstract atomization (curds ). Casein as amorphous, non-hygroscopic actual at allowance temperature can be attenuated in water, 0.8-1.2%, hardly acrid in 25 ℃water and amoebic solvents, acrid in adulterate acrid and acid, can blot water, if absorbed in water, accelerated expansion, but not bounden molecules. Casein buttons and added buttons resin, dyeing, processing, ablaze blush are good, superior in the centermost for buttons.
Casein in milk protein agreeable is high, mainly as a aliment additive or microbial ability average is used, the enzymatic hydrolysis technology of casein phosphopeptides able with mineral accident prevention, blockage of dental caries, blockage and analysis of osteoporosis and rickets, advance beastly in vitro fertilization, adjustment of claret pressure, analysis of adamant absence anemia, magnesium absence of neuritis a array of physiological functions, abnormally the advance of above elements ( Ca, Mg ) and trace elements ( Fe, Zn, Cu, Cr, Ni, Co, Mn, Se ) top assimilation appearance which has " mineral carrier " reputation, it can and metal ions, decidedly calcium ion bounden to anatomy acrid admixture object.

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