Enterokinase in biliary pancreatitis

Enterokinase is present in college beastly of the belly mucosa, is to accomplish the Trypsin Hydrolysis and become alive trypsin endopeptidase ( endo-peptidase ). This acknowledgment than by its catalytic action induced by trypsin accelerated dozens of times, EC3.4.21.9. is the atomic weight of about 100000 of the amoroso agreeable of protein.
Enterokinase is a serine protease that recognizes the amino acerbic arrangement with a top specificity. The enterokinase activates its accustomed substrate trypsinogen and releases trypsin by break at the C-terminal end of this sequence. The aspartic acerbic residues can be partially commissioned by glutamic acid.
Enterokinase break is agitated out at an enzyme/substrate arrangement ( w/w ) of 1/20-1/200 for 1-24 H. For anniversary admixture protein pilot abstracts should be done to acquisition out acceptable conditions.
In astute pancreatitis of assorted etiologies, gallstone accounted for about 40~ 65%, is one of the a lot of common, and " accepted approach " the actuality amount accomplished 67%, accepted approach breadth over 0.5cm up to 73%, therefore, is carefully accompanying to gallstones and astute pancreatitis. The gallstone pancreatitis pathogenesis three theories: the accepted approach theory, abdominal and pancreatic abatement article and pancreatic aqueduct obstruction approach etc., are difficult to abstracted abundantly explain the pathogenesis of gallstone pancreatitis. Many calm and adopted advisers found, gallstone abatement and pancreatic and biliary allied abnormalities associated with gallstone pancreatitis are carefully related, and that was due to the accepted approach asphyxiate suffocate, acerbity aqueduct burden exceeds the pancreatic aqueduct pressure, so that the abatement of acerbity breeze into the pancreatic duct, consistent in the activation of trypsin. But the abatement burden is a accessory factors, acerbity and pancreatic abstract in the accepted approach and the abeyance action may be associated with pancreatic primary activation related, abnormally in the acerbity of enterokinase ( aswell alleged enteropeptidase ) may be in astute gallstone pancreatitis has an important role in.

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