Molecular Formula:C4H4N2O2
Molecular weight:112.09g/mol
Uracil can be acclimated for biologic supply and as a pharmaceutical. When basal fluorine is reacted with uracil, 5-fluorouracil is produced. 5-Fluorouracil is an anticancer biologic (antimetabolite) acclimated to masquerade as uracil during the nucleic acerbic archetype process.Because 5-Fluorouracil is agnate in appearance to, but does not accomplish the aforementioned allure as, uracil, the biologic inhibits RNA archetype enzymes, thereby eliminating RNA amalgam and endlessly the advance of annihilative cells. Uracil can aswell be acclimated in the amalgam of caffeine .
Uracil's use in the physique is to advice backpack out the amalgam of abounding enzymes all-important for corpuscle action through bonding with riboses and phosphates.[2] Uracil serves as allosteric regulator and coenzyme for reactions in the animal physique and in plants. UMP controls the action of carbamoyl phosphate synthetase and aspartate transcarbamoylase in plants, while UDP and UTP requlate CPSase II action in animals. UDP-glucose regulates the about-face of glucose to galactose in the alarmist and added tissues in the action of carbohydrate metabolism. Uracil is aswell complex in the biosynthesis of polysaccharides and the busline of sugars absolute aldehydes.
It can aswell access the accident for blight in cases in which the physique is acutely amiss in folate. The absence in folate leads to added arrangement of deoxyuracilmonophosphates (dUMP)/deoxythyminemonophosphates (dTMP) and uracil misincorporation into DNA and eventually low assembly of DNA.
Uracil can be acclimated to actuate microbial contagion of tomatoes. The attendance of uracil is an adumbration of lactic acerbic bacilli contagion in the fruit. Uracil derivatives absolute a diazine ring are acclimated in pesticides. Uracil derivatives are added generally acclimated as antiphotosynthetic herbicides, antibacterial weeds in cotton, amoroso beet, turnips, soya, peas, sunflower crops, vineyards, drupe plantations, and orchards.
In yeast, uracil concentrations are inversely proportional to uracil permease.

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