Collagen peptide

Collagen peptide

Molecular weight:~3000Da
Product Application:
Collagen peptide is a white powder,the capital antecedent is from angle skin.Collagen peptide can be acclimated as a aliment additives, corrective additives,it is aswell acclimated for biochemical studies.
Mechanism of Action:
Collagen peptide contains amino acids, such as proline and cysteine, which serve as the architecture blocks of keratin (the capital structural protein of the hair, nails, and degree corneum). The derma uses amino acids to adjustment accident and to alter derma beef and collagen tissue. Supplementation with collagen peptide not alone increases levels of collagen in the derma — which makes derma added close and adaptable — but aswell reduces the action of the agitator collagenase, a cast metalloproteinase that break down collagen in the extracellular cast (or the spaces amid cells).

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