Vitamin Micro-capsule VCE5788

Vitamin Micro-capsule VCE5788

Use:As we all known, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can strengthen immunity to disease, make skin beautiful and protect skin. Vitamin C is not easy to be absorbed by skin, but the derivative of Vitamin C increases its stability and became easy to be absorbed by skin. This product use Vitamin C’s derivative and Vitamin E wrapped by micro-capsule to finish fabric. It is suitable for cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber etc. When some external forces affect to the finished fabric, micro-capsules are broken. Then the fabric possesses the function of making skin beautiful and preventing skin from wrinkling.
Appearance:milky white powder
Composition:Vitamn C derivative, vitamin E
Solubility:can be easily dispersed in warm   water.
Features and advantages:
Rich in vitamin C and E
Good humidity adsorption and moisture
Comfortable to wear  
Make the skin healthy and beautiful
Moisture regain can be obtained up to more than  16% and anti-static 
No influence on strength, handling and permeability of the fabric.

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