Temperature control COMFAD6039

Temperature control COMFAD6039

Use:Temperature control agent COMFAD6039 is micro-capsule. It’ s phase inversion temperature is 25℃.When room temperature is up to phase inversion temperature , the COMFAD6039 start to phase inversion, absorb or release temperature of fabric then make people feel comfortable. Temperature control agent COMFAD6039 is safe to body and environmental friendly. It’s suitable for underwear, shirt, bedding etc. The surface of treated fabric can keep temperature steady and make people feel comfortable.
Appearance:Milky white liquid
Composition:Senior aliphatic hydrocarbon
Solubility:Can be dispersed in water
Features and advantages:
Broad spectrum
Resist to washing
Safe to body
It’s suitable for any kind of fabric and garment bedclothes etc
Absorb and release heat though the phase inversion to control the temperature of fabric, make people feel comfortable
Non-toxic, non-irritating to skin and comfortable to wear

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