Silk protein Agent SEW3260

Silk protein Agent SEW3260

Use:The research shows that, silk processes a lot of protein fiber and is abundant in silk vegetable and amino acid which human needed. Because of good affinity between silk vegetable 
and human, there are a great deal of efficacy on skin, such as nourish skin, add active cell, anti-irritation, clear up melanin, keep skin, make skin beautiful etc. In addition, protein of silk process those effect: humid adsorption, keeping warm, and UV adsorption. 
The fabric treated by SEW3260 process many characters, such as moisture pick-up, quick dying, softer and smooth to handle. It makes people’ expect for garments of keeping skin came true.
Appearance:Milky white liquid
Chemical composition:Silk protein, Amino acid
PH-value:Weak acid
Solubility:Can be dispersed in water
Features and advantages:
Broad spectrum
Aboundant in element of skin protection  
Safe to body
It’s suitable for any kind of fabric and underwear, shirt, 
bedclothes etc. 
No influence on fabric’ s strength, handing, air permeability
Non-toxic, non-irritating to skin and environmental friendly

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