Nanometer far-infrared finishing agent FRN396

Nanometer far-infrared finishing agent FRN396

Use:The fabric treated by this agent not only has a highly efficient on releasing anion and calefactive health care function, but also it has good results with excellent handling and fastness on the fabric .The fabric treated with the agent FRN396 can apply for underwear, decoration in room, bedding and medical care products.Many authority units proved: The fabric treated with agent FRN396, which the far IR emissivity is up to 85%, and makes the body temperature rise.And after 60 times washing, the fabric still can give off far-infrared at above 84%, safe to body, smooth and comfortable.It is suitable for cotton, wool fabric, and their blended fabric.
Appearance:White ropy liquid
Composition:Powder of ceramics and negative ionic high polymer resin. 
Solubility:Can be dispersed in water 
Skin irritation:10% aqueous solution is non-irritating, but its stock solution is irritating to the eyes.
Method of application:Fabric    Padding((20-40g/l, expression: 60-90%)    Drying (80-120℃)     Curing
(150-170℃× 30-60s)
Direction for use:You can receive the Herst quality certificate, if you agree on a simple contact and the products fit Herst standard. Please get the Herst quality certificate contract documentary. 
Precautions:25 kg in a plastic barrel, keep in cool warehouse above 0℃. Storage life for one year. In low temperature may be sediment, and heat it at 20℃ will dissolve. There is no influence to the agent.

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