Anti-mite anti-mold and anti-microbial agent ABM

Anti-mite anti-mold and anti-microbial agent ABM

Use:Under the room temperature and wet condition, the textile fabric is suitable for growing of bacteria, mold and mites. And the excretion of the mites is pathogenic to asthma. Under this circumstance, it is not only unhealthy, but also can make bad smell. Like mattress, we cannot wash it usually, and the carpet only can be dust collected. So it is purged a part of bacteria and mold, and the remains can reproduce the descendants. The agent of ABM has the ability to solve the trouble, because it restrains the reproduce this microorganism, which make it impossible of the mold, fading and bad odor of fabric. 
Anti-mite anti-mold and anti-microbial finishing agent ABM for textile fabric effective for mite and bacteria resistance, excellent durability and good safety, excellent resistance to washing. The agent ABM has an active radical formed covalent bond with –0H- , --NH-, on the treated fabric and it can also form the membrane to anti insect. The agent is suitable for finishing cotton, linen, wool, polyester and nylon as well as viscose etc. It can be applied to bed sheets, underwear, towels, hosiery, carpet, sofa cloth, decorative fabric in room, baby dress, toy and air filtration materials as well as military textile products etc. The agent exerts no negative influence on the whiteness, shade, strength, touch and permeability of the treated fabrics.
Appearance:A ABM-1is light yellow transparent liquid, ABM-2 is milky white liquid  
Chemical composition:Organic anti-bacteria and anti-mite agent
Solubility:Disperse in wate
Skin irritation:10% water solution is non-stimulation, but the product is stimulated to the eyes.
Features and advantages:
Wide application range, good effect 
Broad spectrum and high efficiency
No influence on the quality of fabric 
Excellent in anti-odor 
Highly repellent efficient against mites, in effect
Suitable for natural and acrylic fiber etc.
Non-toxic and non-irritating to skin. 
Easy to use, and take the same bath with another agent, like softener.

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