Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor Finishing Agent TPM9007

Anti-bacterial and Anti-odor Finishing Agent TPM9007

Use:The anti-bacterial and anti-odor finishing agent TPM9007 is a suitable for finishing polyester fiber, polyamide fiber fabrics, such as clothes, underwear, sheet, working clothes, carpet, decorate cloth, and etc. The anti-bacteria and anti-odor finishing agent TPM9007 is durable resistant to wash and safe. The agent has highly efficient and extensive for bacteria, mould property, and keep the fabric clean to prevent the bacteria to grow again. TPM9007 can unit the fiber and protected by the fiber, so it is resistant to washing. It can destroy the cell wall and change permeability of cell membrane. The cytoplasts in the cell dropped out, it can inhibit the bacterial protein to synthesize and cause the bacterial inner core aluminous body used up .The result is that bacterium was killed. All over the world, many authorized units prove: fiber treated by TPM9007 has excellent in anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-mould. It is non-toxic to the human body and non-stimulation to the skin and formaldehyde-free. Furthermore, the fabric can provide prevention and cure of ringworm of the foot, eczema, odor from sweat, foot odor, and skin itches .TPM9007 is accord with American standard AATCC100 and Japanese standard JISL1902-2002. Anti-bacteria and anti-odor finishing agent TPM9007 has highly efficient and extensive for anti G+ or G-. 
  G+                                G-                                                      Mould and yeast 
MRSA                          E.coil                                                  Candida albicans 
Bacillus subtilis       Streptococcus pneumoniae           Staphylococcus epidermidis 
S.aureus                    Pseudomonas aeruginosa            Aspergillus niger 
Appearance:Colorless to light yellow liquid, can be dispersed in water
Chemical composition:Organic anti-bacteria agent
Solubility:Can be dispersed in water(30-40°C)
Compatibility:Compatible with non-ion , positive ion and negative ion, please do experiment before actual production
Specific weight at 20 °C:1.06-1.08g/cm3
Skin irritation:10% water solution is non-irritating, but the product is irritant to the eyes.
Fastness:Resistant to washing and excellent in fastness of dry-clean, ironing and pressing and sweat strain.
Features and advantages:
Highly efficient
Broad-spectrum anti-bacteria property  
Resistant washing
Excellent effect in anti-odor
Good consistence
Low density has excellent anti-bacteria and anti-bacteria property
Broad-spectrum anti-bacteria property for G+ ,G- , fungi and mouldTPM9007 can be fixed in fiber and good durable anti-bacterial effectCan reduce the odor by bacteria breeding, lasting freshNon-toxic and non-stimulationEasy to use, and take the same bath with another agent, like disperse dyes, softener and so on

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